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Fresh is best

I am regularly asked advice on what makes the best cocktails at home.  Obviously when we’re at home, the best thing is we can make everything our own way!  And this is what I teach in my workshops – how to identify the flavors you like and how to put them together in a delicious cocktail! 

I am not really a believer in making my home drinks overly complicated!  It like the big chef question… “what do you cook at home?” and answer is always grilled cheese (or beans on toast if you’re English)! 

So if we’re not making overly complicated drinks… what is the number one thing?  For me, its fresh ingredients!

Freshly squeeze your citrus – it always tastes better that way. Use fruits when they are in season and full of flavor. Get your honey from a local supplier, the bees (your Bees Knees) will thank you. And possibly the most important one for me…. always keep your vermouth in the fridge – you can’t make a good martini with old vermouth!