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World Cocktail Day

For World Cocktail Day I’m sharing three little tipples inspired by my fabulous friend Kate Weiser and her freaking amazing chocolates! Each chocolate bon-bon is like little one bite cocktail! Or are my cocktails like little bonbons in a glass, I don’t know… who cares, you should have both!!

Don’t we look good together, Kate’s Strawberry-Basil and my Vodka sour with strawberry, basil simple, lemon juice, Aquafaba and a strawberry dust garnish.

KW Mango-Habanero is crying out for a Margarita like this one…. Tequila Silver, habanero-basil syrup, lime juice and house mango cordial with a mango-salt rim.

Proving berries and red wine should be enjoyed together in every way…. Cognac or Bourbon, bouveryCV, 4 fruits by Bonne Maman, Cabernet foam, freeze dried berry garnish.

This is a two stage cocktail with the Cabernet foam made separately. It drinks in layers with texture added from the berries, like a layered French dessert! Or one of Kate’s chocolates!

If you’re stateside, do yourself a flat out favor and order from Kate! If you live further away, I hope you can find a fabulous local chocolatier to inspire you like my friend Kate has me!