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How well do I know you?

There are a few stories about the origins of the Margarita, including one that involves a Dallas socialite and the founder of Hilton hotels! Although none can agree on the drink’s original source we can all agree that it is an iconic mix of Texas California and Mexico heritage and possibly one of the most popular drinks in the south west!

Years after its inception in the 1930s/40s the Margarita has evolved in many ways, good and bad. Including frozen (also reportedly from Dallas) Coronita (worth an upturned bottle of corona) and indeed fancy with an upturned bottle of sparkling wine!!

I couldn’t hold my head up in Texas if I didn’t post a Margarita for Cinco. However, I am keen to note that this ‘holiday’ is not just about Tequila shots and (dare I say it) Corona! It is a day to celebrate Mexican culture, marking their victory over a much stronger oppressor!

In that spirit, I celebrate with a Margarita that embraces not just Mexico’s own indigenous produce but also produce that has been lovingly welcomed into the country and nurtured until we barely remember they were once ‘immigrants’.